Wide Format

Printing isn’t limited to a standard sheet of paper. Many industries such as architecture, engineering, construction, graphic arts and even corporations have the need to print in wide-formats. Whether your business has the demand for smaller unconventional print jobs, or large banner size posters, GBM has the right wide format printer for you and your office.

GBM offers state-of-the-art large format printing solutions designed with exceptional speed, flexibility and quality. With three distinct lines of printers; 12-color for the Photography and Graphics markets, 8-color for the Production market, and 5-color for the Technical Documents and General Use markets. GBM has a large format solution to fit your needs. Technological advances in our printers include a one-inch print head with 15,360 nozzles, LCOA print processor, as well as workflow printing software. With printers ranging in size from 60-inches down to 17-inches, GBM has the answer.

Graphics Arts Printers

Witness the vibrant colors and outstanding neutral and stable grayscales produced by our line of Graphic Arts Printers – featuring a 12-color pigment ink system – for every project you take on from photography to design to proofing.

MFP Imaging Systems

Large format scan-to-copy / file/ email solutions for technical document environments, the imagePROGRAF MFP imaging system provides a fast and effective system for copying, archiving, and distributing technical maps, drawings, renderings, posters and more.

Technical Documents and General Use Printers

Technically skilled, business savvy. If you’re looking to ensure your drawings, documents and presentations are accurate, bold and compelling, search no further than our Technical Documents and General Use printer line. Featuring unique 5-color dye/pigment ink set so your prints will stand out and deliver every time.

To learn more about how GBM can assist you with our wide format printers, contact us today.